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Sunday, March 18 News

Police: driver hits parked car, flees

Justin P. Formentin, 20, of 59 Elm Place, New Canaan, was issued a misdemeanor summons Feb. 11 for evading responsibility and failure to drive right.

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Police said Formentin hit a parked vehicle on Summer Street, near the corner of Lakeview Avenue, on Feb. 10 and left the scene without notifying authorities or the car's owner.

At about 2:30 p.m. that day, the car owner noticed the damage to his vehicle and called police, according to the report.

When police arrived, a neighbor said he saw the driver of a dark colored sedan having his vehicle towed away a few hours earlier, police said.

The neighbor told police he saw the suspect changing one of his tires while holding a cell phone, according to the report. The neighbor said he asked Formenti whether he was calling the police and he said he was, police said. Formenti never called the police, according to the report.

Later the same day, another neighbor told police she had a surveillance camera outside her house, which they could use to try to identify the suspect, police said.

Though the video did not show the accident, it did show the tow truck and an agitated man walking back and forth around the area, according to the report. Police said they contacted the tow company and asked for the suspect's name. Police then drove by Formenti's home and noticed a dark colored Nissan with one tire that looked different than the other three, according to the report. Police said they contacted Formenti and he denied hitting a car.

He went to police headquarters the next day when police told them they had enough evidence to arrest him, according to the report. Though he insisted he had hit a snow bank, not a car, Formenti signed the misdemeanor summons to avoid the arrest, police said.

He posted $250 bond and appeared in court Feb. 20. His next court date is March 12.