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Wednesday, March 21 News

Police: Robbery suspect has long criminal history

DNA evidence has led to the arrest of one of the four suspects in the Nov. 6 robbery of Henry C. Reid & Son, a jewelry store at 72 Elm St., New Canaan police announced Thursday.

Ronald A. McIntyre, 37, of New Jersey, was arrested Tuesday on charges of first-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit larceny, Chief Leon Krolikowski said in a press release.

McIntyre, whose last known address was in Atlantic City, N.J., is currently incarcerated at Atlantic County Jail.

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The suspects, four black males, attempted to enter the jewelry store midafternoon Nov. 16, 2013, but they were stopped when an employee locked the front door, according to police. One of the suspects then took a sledgehammer and shattered the front display window, police said. The suspect reached in through the broken glass and took three Rolex watches, valued at $55,000, according to the report.

All four suspects then fled on foot before driving off in what police believe was a Chevrolet Malibu with tinted windows and New York registration plates.

Krolikowski said police found blood and skin tissue evidence at the scene of the crime. The Connecticut State Forensic Laboratory analyzed that evidence and found that the blood belonged to McIntyre, Krolikowski said.

McIntyre has a long criminal history and has criminal charges as well as jail time pending in New Jersey, according to the press release. Krolikowski said the suspect has been arrested in New Jersey and New York and has previously faced charges of burglary, theft and drug possession.

Krolikowski said the New Canaan Police Department sent out nationwide notifications when they identified the suspect. McIntyre was arrested by Galloway Township Police, Krolikowski said.

He's being held in lieu of $500,000 and should be extradited to Connecticut to face the charges, according to police. Krolikowski said it is not clear how long it would take for the extradition to happen because it depends on the outcome of his pending charges in New Jersey and whether he would face federal charges as well.

New Canaan police are now working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and New Jersey law enforcement agencies to bring McIntyre's three accomplices to justice, according to the release.

"We're going to get them," Krolikowski said in an interview. "We're not close to get them, but I'm very confident we will."

Krolikowski praised the work of all agencies involved in identifying the first suspect.

"The success of this investigation is the direct result of the hard work and dedication of the members of the New Canaan Police Department's Investigative Section and Patrol Division, the Connecticut State Forensic Laboratory as well as interstate law enforcement cooperation," he said.