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Saturday, March 24 News

'PJ's and Pancakes' benefit New Canaan Food Pantry

The youth of First Presbyterian Church wore their pajamas to church and brought breakfast food items to stock the shelves of the New Canaan Food Pantry March 30.

The Middle School Youth Group served pancakes for dinner prepared by the dads, and after dinner the children settled onto the rug with their favorite stuffed animal to watch a movie.

The food pantry donations are part of the ongoing mission of the Children's Ministry Committee of the church to serve a need in the community. Each week, children are asked to bring "a buck and a can" to Sunday School, all of which are donated to the food pantry.

The Rev. Kibbie Laird, minister for children, youth, and families, said, "We try to weave the theme of `loving our neighbors' into most everything we do. Our kids can tell you how many families receive support from our food pantry each week, and how many food items they've brought in to help these families. As we tell the children, while we cannot do everything, we can do something, and doing something is a great feeling indeed."