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Tuesday, February 20 News

Older, younger swimmers buddy up

Twenty-four members of the New Canaan YMCA's Caimans team senior squad teamed up Feb. 10 with 24 younger swimmers.

Each member of the senior squad was paired with a younger swimmer and worked together during the practice on stroke mechanics and starts.

Senior squad member Alex Aliapoulios said, "It was really interesting to see how the little kids watched us. When we told them they needed to work on something they would try so hard. That's the kind of motivation that is the future of this team."

Junior swimmer Katherine Squillante added, "It was so much fun to bond with the older kids. I learned so much from my buddy. I can't wait to try all the tips she gave me ... I'll definitely be cheering for her in the next meet."

Chandler Crosby, the assistant director of competitive swimming at the Y who coached the Caimans when some of the senior/national team swimmers were 6 years old, said, "It is a treat to see the older kids pay it forward within our New Canaan YMCA community. I am very proud of how much enthusiasm and excitement the older kids showed in mentoring the younger swimmers. We will definitely be doing this again."

The Caimans' competitive programs begin with the "pride" team for ages 8 and under and range to the senior/national team for ages 13 and older. Non-competitive programs are available as well for ages 14 and under.

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