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Saturday, March 24 News

Letter: Schools establish communications committee

In order to improve upon our community's awareness and understanding of the New Canaan Public School's goals, plans, policies and programs, the Board of Education has established a communications committee. As part of this effort, we are providing you with the information below related to the 2014-15 budget process.

Please visit our website, www.newcanaan.k12.ct.us, for all up-to-date information, including the budget meeting calendar, presentations and other materials and resources. We will also post summary notes following the budget meetings here.

Please note that all meetings are broadcast on NCTV79 and rebroadcast according to the schedule on www.nctv79.org.

You may follow us on Twitter, www.twitter.com/picsNCPS, for important alerts.

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Sheri West, chairman

Sangeeta Appel

Jennifer Richardson

BOE Communications