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Thursday, March 22 News

Coaches, athletes share recruiting tips

Equinox Darien and Competitive Edge hosted a panel Feb. 6 with athletes and coaches addressing the myths and realities of the college recruiting process.

Recruiters and coaches shared tips for athletes to leverage their competitive edge with academic achievements to have more options in the college recruiting process.

The panelists included Lee Jones, moderator; Kevin Rusch, owner of Competitive Edge; Eric Pellini, assistant track coach at New Canaan High School; Rob Trifone, head football coach at Darien High School; Marj Trifone, head girls swimming coach at Darien High School; and Courtney Bennett, former Darien High School lacrosse player.

The discussion covered various topics, including planning for admissions, understanding the recruiting process, requisite athletic and academic strategies, how to express interest to a school to get on its radar, when to start contacting coaches, the best way to get exposure as an athlete to top college choices, nutrition for top performance to showcase athletic abilities to gain exposure and the latest NCAA regulations.

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