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Thursday, April 19 News

At Le Boudoir, the customer is queen

More than just a blow-dry and beauty bar, the owner of Le Boudoir hopes he has created a place where a woman can come any time and leave feeling gorgeous.

Le Boudoir has opened for business at 160 Main St. in New Canaan. Owner Mamoune Tazi is not only feeling success with his new venture, which opened in May, but enjoying the opportunity to see his dream come true.

"I really wanted to make a space that could, at the same time, be making people feel beautiful and making people feel good and leave happy," Tazi, a native of Morocco, said.

Le Boudoir offers clients shampoo and blow-dry services. While Tazi's intention is to keep the business simple, he also wants it to be unique, which is why he decided to include makeup as an option for customers.

"I wanted to take the blow-dry bar concept to the next level by offering makeup, so it's not about hair anymore, it's about beauty in a broad aspect," he said.

Simultaneously, Tazi said, he believes the time spent in his shop should serve to enhance relaxation and center on customer service.

"We wanted to focus on the experience, rather than being an in-and-out business," he said. "In a lot of blow-dry bars it feels like a factory. ... All you get is you get your hair blown out.

"We're hoping the half an hour that you spend here can change the rest of your day," he said.

Customers are offered complimentary massages, and tea or other beverages, and are encouraged to bask in the calming peace of the salon, which features dark colors in order to give it a spa-like feeling.

"When I opened this space, I wanted to focus a lot on making this space look amazing, look like a lounge," Tazi said.

"The salon is beautiful," Martha Pierson-Bases, of New Canaan, a regular customer, said. "The chairs to have your hair washed are so relaxing, the iPads are a great addition and I do use them, whether to check emails or read online magazines.

"I am thrilled to have Le Boudoir in New Canaan," she said. "The service is excellent. The staff are professional and courteous, and they go one step above, always trying to accommodate."

Referring to life as being "hectic," Pierson-Bases said, "I'm always juggling and there is never enough time. Being able to outsource the task of tending to my hair saves me time and grief."

"Having beautiful hair can turn any woman's day around," said Alena, manager and salon coordinator. "Women love blow dries because it's an instant gratification service," she said. "It's not like cutting or coloring, where commitment is needed."

Tazi moved from Morocco in 2008, and at the time he wasn't sure what industry he even wanted to pursue, but felt drawn to beauty.

"I found it was such a great industry because it makes people feel amazing," he said.

He studied in Manhattan and subsequently worked in shops there and in Greenwich, where he was involved with all aspects of hair. In the end, he was drawn to the blow-dry concept because it was an opportunity to make a significant difference in a customer's day with only a relatively short treatment.

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"People come, and a half an hour later they look gorgeous and they feel great," Tazi said.

Leslie Razook, of New Canaan, agrees. "I just want to give a huge thumbs-up to Le Boudoir. They are friendly, accommodating and so easy to use. I've always blown dry my own hair, but they make it faster and easier than doing it at home, so I'm a convert," she said, noting that it's very "service-driven, and the prices are great."

In fact, Tazi wants to assure customers that satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

"We won't charge the customer unless they are 100 percent satisfied," he said. "If they show a doubt of satisfaction, we give them free service.

"It's all about customer focus," Tazi said. "We don't focus on anything other than the customer. It's the epicenter of the business."

For details, visit leboudoirbeauty.com.