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Guest Editorial / Joel Reynolds

I must take great exception to State Sen. Toni Boucher's editorial printed in the Dec. 6 New Canaan News. Although a state senator has little impact on congressional actions in Washington, D.C., she felt it necessary to criticize the National Affordable Care Act. Many of her comments directly puppet the GOP's playbook efforts to derail all of President Obama's efforts, on any program, at any cost to the American people.

Most of her comments were incorrect, extraordinarily biased or unsupported by truly knowledgeable people in the health care and insurance industries. A majority of the American people, when given the actual facts, support the Act. However, limits in a publication's response space will not permit me to address her long and faulty narrative in a point-by-point rebuttal.

Laws restricting women's rights or abusing people of the very right to vote seems so easy for her Republican Party to institute. This party, of the minority, egregiously gerrymandered congressional districts allowing the implementation of countless laws that are an anathema to the very liberty freedoms conservatives purport to protect. Their vast financial reserves and key backers are being used to undermine the health and welfare of the American people.

Now, a law, with the imperfections of any new and very complicated effort, holds the promise that millions of people can take responsibility for their health care, regardless of their income and life circumstances. This includes individuals, currently with only catastrophic insurance, complaining of their requirement to subscribe to adequate insurance. Their present coverage does nothing for their long-tem health or addresses their financial precariousness. American businesses are pouring cash reserves into international holdings and radically curtailing domestic investments and employment in operations and decreasing health care contributions, with tax incentives to continue the practice. The Affordable Care Act attempts to put American citizens near the level of all major first world countries, but certain not at par in this initial pass.

Our highest in the world health care costs continue to spiral out of control, amounting to 17 percent of our gross domestic product, with quality rankings falling in each successive year, when compared with far too many other countries. This health care law makes an attempt to help rein in costs and improve the service quality Americans receive.

The website complaints perplex me. Yes, it was brought out prematurely and unfinished. The struggle for all development funding, against an obstructionist Congress, has been truly monumental and the Republicans' efforts had an obvious impact. Like all software and systems, it is a work in progress. I've been exposed to numerous software rollouts of proprietary and commodity software alike. Every single one failed its initial implementation runs. Software engineers gave their inconsistent excuses; top managers showed their exasperation with unproductive personnel terminations and suits of suppliers; and the users stated the systems would never work and the program was unworkable. Guess what? Most, if not all, problems were solved, after implementation, with sweat, tears and funds being expended.

It is truly time for the nay- sayers, obstructionists and opportunists in our political class to do what is right for the American people. Help us take the steps to fund a quality health care system, which assists in the care of all our people and is fair in the obligations that such a system requires from each of us.

Joel Reynolds is a New Canaan resident.

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