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'Robogamers' demonstrate power of STEAM

Photo by Contributed Photo, Contributed

The eastern regional-based Robogamers Robotics Team recently brought to New Canaan Library its science, technology, engineering, art and math program.

A challenging mix of science, technology, engineering, art and math recently was brought to the New Canaan Library by the eastern regional-based Robogamers Robotics Team.

On Aug. 19, a group of young science and technology enthusiasts demonstrated their winning skills as they hosted a robotics workshop for students in grades 6 through 10. Participants learned how different materials conduct electricity, how to design circuits and how art can be fused with technology.

As a finale, the team demonstrated the robot they designed for the FIRST Tech Challenge Block Party competition. Each participant left with a self-crafted circuit, as well as a heightened understanding and appreciation of technology and robotics.

Team members in addition to Young are Jane Kaitlin Young, Jasmine Young, Eyan Goldman and Cal Lavicka.

For information, visit www.robogamers.org or www.usfirst.org.